3K Program

$165 / Month
Schedule Options

Tuesday & Thursday

Class Time

9am - Noon

Balancing Play & Academics

At ONS we believe that children learn much of what they need to know through play balanced with academics. In our 3K Program order and predictability are balanced by flexibility and freedom to experiment with social skills at your child's comfort level.

Children will have a blast learning through art, sensory activities, fine motor play and individual activity sheets. To encourage the development of social skills, children will given many opportunities to engage with their peers with songs, group games, show & tell and outside play.

Our 3K program is for students who will be 3 years old by September 1 of the school year.

Routine & Activities

Our 3K students will participate in a variety of fun and engaging activities meant to help them learn and develop valuable skills that will give them a head start in school. Each day begins with a greeting, attendance, show & tell, an explanation of our daily activities and an introduction of the Helping Parent.

Arts & Crafts

Encouraging self-expression through creativity and imagination helps children to build self-esteem, confidence and patience. The Helping Parent will guide children through activities such as painting, coloring, cutting and gluing help to develop fine motor skills. Children will also expand their knowledge of math concepts and vocabulary by learning to recognize and identify different shapes, colors and materials.

Sensory Activities

Children learn best and retain information by engaging their senses. Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways which helps to develop and enhance memory as well as improving a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. These activities will help to improve fine and gross motor skills as well as support language development by helping children to describe different sensory attributes.

Individual Activity Sheets

Using activity sheets allows children to learn about a wide variety of topics while developing fundamental skills for learning and writing such as fine motor skills, logical thinking and learning on their own.

Imagination Play

Make-believe is an important part of intellectual development as well as verbal skills. Whether playing in groups or independently, storytelling and narration build communication and logical thinking skills while helping children make more and better associations between the objects they’re using.

Circle Time

Children have fun building their social skills by learning about themselves, their peers and teachers, and how they relate to each other. This time will develop good listening skills as well as helping children express themselves and overcome shyness.

Group Activities

We end our days with group activities which could include songs, fingerplay, show & tell, games or outside play (weather permitting). These activities are intended to provide children exciting and fun activities to further develop social skills through sharing and listening as well as fine and gross motor skills through physical activities.

Additional Learning & Fun

Fabulously Fun Fridays

$5 / week9am-Noon

Fabulously Fun Fridays offers children hands-on learning experiences through science projects, cooking and crafts. Children will love the fun activities as well as a chance to meet even more new friends!

Class will run from 9am to 12pm every Friday and students will bring a bag lunch to school.

This class is a week by week sign-up and is only offered in conjunction with a Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday 3K class.