Oconomowoc Nursery School  

A Non-Profit, Parent Cooperative School


About Oconomowoc Nursery School

ONS...provides an environment which will enhance the educational, physical and social development of the individual child.

ONS...provides enrichment to early childhood development through guidance, social interactions and stimulating environment.

ONS...parents receive a better understanding of the child through enriching parent volunteer opportunities.

ONS...is a parent participation, or cooperative, program where each family, if they wish, can share in the planning and operation of the school.

ONS...parents, if they wish, are able to participate on a rotating basis, serving as assistants to our teachers and staff and participate in fundraising events.

ONS...is a non-profit, nonsectarian, democratic organization managed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteer parents.

ONS...a unique educational endeavor due to the efforts of parents and the opportunities for direct involvement during the school day.

ONS...teachers all have Bachelor’s degrees, many years of experience in Elementary Education and a lot of Enthusiasm.

What is a Co-op?

A co-op, short for cooperative, is an organization that is owned or managed by the members of the group. The first co-op preschool in the United States was founded in 1916 at the University of Chicago. The founding mothers' goal was to pool their resources to create a child care program that would allow them to participate in the war effort. A co-op preschool is usually a non-profit organization. A professional teacher, director, and/or staff are often employed, but parents are relied upon to help give the school its unique character.

Parent Participation

Optional parent participation allows you to become involved with your child’s school at your pace.  There are opportunities to help in the class room, volunteering either on the Board of Directors or with one of the family events.  Our family events include the Oconomowoc Homecoming parade, Halloween party, Breakfast with Santa and our annual brat fry.  Parents are always invited to attend the monthly board meetings where school business is discussed and policies and standards are shaped.

Is a Co-op preschool right for you?

Co-op participation can be highly rewarding. It creates a strong sense of community, provides parent education, and can give you a valuable connection with your children. It is the parent's participation that makes a co-op unique. If you have the time, get involved in the school including options like holding a board position, working in the classroom, helping with event clean up, or doing some fundraising.  You don't have to have any special skills, but you can contribute when and where you can.